Photo Gallery

Projects Projects Clearwater way This is the before shot of a job we completed in the spring of 2013 189470484 Clearwater way part-way through 189470486 Clearwater way everything tied up except for a custom skylight we were waiting on. It has since been installed 189470485 Port Coquitlam house quick asphalt re-roof- before picture 189470489 Port Coquitlam House we had to tie in some existing torch on. 189470488 port coquitlam house completed 189470487 Westwood Finished roof with some additional animal prevention 189470490 Fraser heights rooftop drop 189470491 shingling some of the boys working hard 189470493 Port Coquitlam condo sucking up the rocks from the roof deck so that we can prep it for our rubber coating 189470492 Port Coquitlam condo this is post-rock sucking picture prior to our coating 189470494 port kells house and addition the finished project- 6000 square feet of 50 year asphalt 189470495 port kells house and addition backside of the house 189470496 sipping java in langley homeowner was kind enough to bring us coffee 189470497 Raccoon damage This is some raccoon damage that spurred on a decision to do an asphalt conversion 189470498 Cloverdale home 30 Asphalt 189470499 Coquitlam home Eric, taking a breather 189470500 coquitlam home plywood hauling time 189470501 some of the boys Here are just a few of the Up & Up boys 189470502 Westwood house Amazing view from rooftop 189470504 Gazebo a small day project reproofing a gazebo 189470505 Port Coquitlam Condo This is the system we use to suck off the rocks from a tar and gravel roof 189471229 Port Coquitlam Condo a couple of the guys laying down the first coat of our instacoat product 189471230 192284664 192284665 192284666 192284667 192284668 192284669 192284670 192284671 192284672 192284673 192284674 192284675 Cedar 24" 206482258 Synthetic roofing shingles 206482259 Armourshake shingles 206482260 Snaplock Metal roof 206482261 Cedar roof 206482262 Timberline shingles 206482263 Timberline shingles 206482264